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Janaki hits Feedbacks




    Hari Prasaad Dr.S.Janaki Amma the great legend... I love all her songs...

    June 18 at 6:11pm · Like


    Prakash Subramanian sir,may your hard work and ilayaraja's music reach many more people. may God bless you. thank you sir,once again for crystal clear music.

    June 23 at 10:39pm · Like · 1


    Chandrasekaran Kamalanathan Ayya received the CD of SJ Super hit songs in DTS & Hi-Fi. I am blessed to listen the songs in both the formats. Amazing, outstanding, excellant, beautiful, fantastic more and more and more and more!!!

    June 27 at 12:17pm · Like · 1


    Cartigayane Annamalai I got ur Janaki's volume 1 hifi audio and dts audio 2 days ago. Its was really super and I enjoyed it very much. thanku for doing this meritorious work in the field of music. i am awaiting for other volmes of Janaki mam's hits to be released.All over the world tamil music fans are liking ur work.

    June 27 at 2:48pm · Like · 1


    Balamurali Balasundaram Ayya vanakkam, the legend s janaki solo album amazing and sonud effects in dts and also in hi fi is crystal clear. I am very much eager to hear the forth comming albums.

    June 27 at 10:41pm · Like


    Arivu Arivazhagan Ayya Vanakkam. Ungalathu intha Janaki Ammavin padalgal HiFi cd ketten. padalgal kettum pothu ulagame maranthu poguthu. Full cd pattu ketka ennaku nangu naatkal anathu. yen endral ovvoru padalilum 5,6 murai ketathanal.. ilayaraja ayya oru isai kadavul.. antha isai kadavulin irai thoothar neengal.

    July 2 at 2:58pm · Like


    Brindha Ravi Sir, yesterday janaki amma cd songs full a ketten. Ovvondrum avlo inimai. Athai kakum podhu athil ungal thani ulaipu therindhadu. Neengal ovvaru padalayum rasikarkalidam kondu serpatharku evlavu hard work seikirirkal. Idhai neengal business a seiyamal isaiku oru sevaiyai seivathai engalal unara mudikirathu.

    July 8 at 8:32am · Like


    Muruga Nandham Sir, Your DTS CD is very nice.. but in Tamil only MANMADHAN & BOYS CD'S was there in DTS. but now you released more of the DTS AUDIO CD's .So I am very Happy

    July 16 at 3:38pm · Like


    Karthik Natarajan it is the perfect blend of technology and music..janaki amma is one of the very nature talented singer in the prolonged 100 years of indian cinema.. This dts cd by muthusamy ayya is the perfect gift to the tamil industry for the decades to come..then only future gen music lovers would get real depth of her talent..

    July 22 at 5:08pm · Like


    Karthik Natarajan just hear "kannan vandhu paadukindran" from rettai vaal kuruvi by eyes closed..i swear you'll blown away by janaki amma..hats off to muthusamy ayya..

    July 22 at 5:13pm · Like


    Ganesh Srinivasan Sir enjoyed your Janaki madam dts cd songs are superb particularly, kannan vandu padukiran, ival oru illangurvi, feeled every single instruments used in the songs individualy.

    Great music from Illayaraja sir,

    Great voice from Janaki madam 

    Great DTS work by Muthusamy sir, What a combination? all the 3 are proved as Legends in their work.Hats off.




    +91 9902010829.


    I am PRABHAKAR from Bangalore and equally a fan, follower & worshiper of the maestro IILAYARAJA's music.


    I live with his music every moment of my life. It does not live in the conscious, but it lives in my subconscious (soul) which is eternal & lives for ever.


    Though I have not yet purchased the CD here in Bangalore, I have already feel the wonderful experience of hearing it.


    I am writing this email basically to express my appreciation for the pain & efforts you have taken to exhibit the true life of IILAYARAJA & DTS technology. My hearty congratulations to you.


    I understand you are in process of releasing more volumes of CD's,I wish you all the best.


    Do these CD's which has been already released available in the music stores in Bangalore? Where to get one.


    If you happen to visit Bangalore, please inform. It will be my honour to meet you.


    Sivakumar Raghavan


      I read about you in the newspaper The Hindu ( Cinema plus supplement) dated 16/06/2013. Could  you pls inform  by e-mail whether the re-mastered songs in DTS format are available for sale. If so please give details from where I can purchase the re-mastered songs in the DTS format. The city nearest to my residence is Thiruvananthapuram.


    Arun Prasad


    Listening to the Audio CD which you have sent me is really awesome! Especially, songs such as 'Pattu Poovae' & 'Chalakku Chalakku' from the film 'Sembaruthi' are really excellent. You have done a great job and it is a great tribute to the greatest musician of 20th & 21st Century, our Maestro "Isaikku Raaja".


    Malligeswaran .W


    I was thrilled beyond words reading your article in the hindu dated 14.06.2013. There are so many die hard fans of isai gnani ilaiyaraaja, but you are one of the few who are worthy to be accepted as a fan by Ilaiyaraaja himself. Your article was really music to my ears. I can imagine the joy and satisfaction you would have attained doing this unique but extra ordinary achievement, spending your time and your earnings on the project. I humbly acknowledge your greatness in your service to your beloved AYYA.


    I would like to purchase the analog dts player developed by you and the converted songs in the new 6 track format. You have given your cell number also. I would like to know when you are free to be contacted by cell without affecting your schedule.


    I thank you on behalf of all the Ilaiyaraaja fans for the creative work you do and your noble aim of giving isai gnai's music to the future generations in its pure form.


    My feelings of joy and contentment are beyond words to be described here.


    I happened to see this article very late. I am sorry I could not write to you early.


    I would like to have a reply from you so that we can share our music together.




    Saravana kumar


    Read the article "MUSIC TO HIS EARS " in Hindu.


    As a Raja Devotee ...Thanks for the great work ..Can i know how i can get this CDs which you have converted to DTS.


    Pritam RK Peethambaram


    Today only I come across about your Honey Bee Label's the great Raja Sirs Songs, Googled your name (great to know the - ilaiyaraaja -  spell what raja sir used) and read the Hindu Article about you. What a great effort made by you !. I am eagerly wanting to listen your songs, especially in 7.1 version.


    I just love to see your way of work for extracting Raja Sir's song. Once again kudos to you sir,


    Chitradeepa Anantharam

    Your next set of CDs just reached me. Thanks a ton sir. We are desperate to listen to it, but the blueray and home theatre at home is not working properly. My huaband is away in Kochi on official deputation. Once he returns I will we will listen and let u know.


    Thiagarajan KA


    I read the article in The Hindu.


    i really salute your great effort.


    I am a diehard fan of Ilayaraja sir.


    Balaji Ramachari


    I read about you in "The Hindu". Thanks a lot for this tremendous pain staking job you are doing. I used to dream many times as if I am doing such work when I was young and assembling my own audio cassette players.



    In actual fact I am far away from that and into automobiles. Can we buy the DTS CDs or it is still not available in market. Eagerly awaiting your reply.


    Murthy dth services


    My name is Sathyamurthy from Avinashi a diehard fan of our Maestro Ilayaraja.

    I came to know about you from the article published in The Hindu on 16th June.


    I listened the CD's which you have sent and really couldn't find exact words to describe the experience once the music started flowing.

    Travelled 200 kms without any particular destination just only to hear this on the move and really mind blowing.


    Repeated so many times "Agni Natchathram" songs and surprised to hear the notes which I couldn't before.

    I feel ashamed of not knowing the musical terms, if known I could have described much better about this great new experience.

    I would like to purchase the DTS player which you developed and really want the next set of CDs.

    Please advise where can I get the CD's?

    Have you re-mastred Meera film songs? Butterfly song is a symphony and I desperately want to hear that in a re-mastered format.

    I wish to hear all of our Maestro's songs in this re-mastered format.

    Finally on behalf of our Maestro's fans I may take this opportunity to thank you for your gargantuan effort and wishing you and your family all the very best!