honey bee music

Preserving Original Music

In earlier days, music recordings were live & analog in nature. The preservation of analog film has a long tradition and significance to research. The original recordings can be conserved virtually for upto 2000 years depending on the support from the musicians & the recording companies. Those tracks were continuous in nature,changing smoothly without breaks or gaps whereas, digital recording is not continuous though at a distance it appears to be individual bits taken at discrete moments.

The switch to DTS sound helped to revive the home entertainment industry. The quality of recording at Honey Bee Music is known for its high definition audio quality & hence this reputation has inspired many to make use of DTS technology.

We believe that this quality enhancement will enable everyone to enjoy the DTS technology through home entertainment and HiFi & Stereo audio through in-Car entertainment. And it will withstand the competition from any other recording company for the next several years.