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Till the advent of Tape Recorders, Radio stations were the only source of music to all music lovers using the radio (Sony, National Panasonic, Murphy, Philips, Solidaire, Dyanora, Weston, Telefunken, UMS, etc. using vaccum tube, transistor and solid state IC's). Even in the radio station and / TV broadcasting & cinema theatre also vaccum tube technology was in use.

Those who were lucky enough to have listened to the old movie songs through the radio & theatre during the mid year 1970 to 2000 will definitely feel the decrease or fall in the quality of music available today. 

Originally, all leading home entertainment electronic manufacturers (Sony, National Panasonic, Akai, JVC, Pioneer, Philips, Toshiba, Technic's, etc.) were manufacturers of battery radio & solid state radio. Next level mono & stereo tape cassette recorder & record turntable was introduced by these companies. This was an improved version of the radio. In advanced countries during this period even broadcasting through Radio / TV was in stereo sound. 

I'm proud to say that I had the privilege to have worked as a Service Engineer in these companies dealing with vaccum tube radio, television & solid state receivers, stereo tape cassette records and audio recording decks.  A record containing 12 songs (approx.) of  English, Hindi & Tamil mono & stereo (LP & EP) was available in those days.

During the famous music composers period mono sound was in use. (including G.Ramanathan, Raja Chandrasekar, Papanasam Sivan, S.M.Subbaiah Naidu, S.V. Venkatraman, T.R. Papa, S. Dakshinamurthy, K.V. Mahadevan, M.S. Viswanathan & Ramamoorthy, Veda, R.Sudarsanam, G.K. Venkatesh, V.Kumar,  Kunnakudi Vaidhyanathan, Shankar Ganesh, Ilayaraja & Singers like P.Susheela, T.M. Soundarajan, P.B.Srinivas, A.M.Raja, Jikki, L.R. Easwari, Chandrababu, N.S.Krishnan, T.A.Mathuram, Kandasala, C.S.Jayaraman, S.Janaki, K.J.Jesudas, S.P.Balasubramaniam, Malaysia Vasudevan, Vani Jeyaram, Sailaja etc.).  They were also admired very much for their talents. But once the copyright was awarded to a music company, the individuals original music / song was not made available to the common man except in theatres. 

After this period (1976) Ilaiyaraaja's music songs were aired through all the radio & TV stations most of the time. Ilaiyaraaja's music dominated the world of music through his re-recorded music work and later produced stereo records and stereo tape cassettes, later through CDs. Even today it is dominating the music world only through digital (mixing) technology unlike the olden days (1980-2000). 

Next to stereo, Digital Theatre System (DTS sound) was accepted worldwide (a six channel audio) in theatres. Today in the field of home entertainment, the leading technology is 3D blu-ray for video and 5.1 & 7.1 technology for audio. 

Since 1976, all the music compositions of Ilaiyaraaja in Tamil films played a very crucial role in the success of the films. Ilaiyaraaja produced pure and new tunes using real instruments. Hence this uniqueness took Indian Cinema to the Entire world. Some of his musical instruments are antique in nature. Skilled musicians who have a good knowledge of these instruments are very rare to find. They were simple instruments which created wonderful music in the hands of the ancient musicians. Ilaiyaraaja was only a simple village musician. But he was talented enough to rise to the position of an international musician .The concept of DTS recording is the need of the hour. It lays equal emphasis to both music as well as the song. All efforts in completing this recording is to preserve his music and songs. The next generation of music lovers will be able to recognize the superiority of his music only through DTS recording.

No efforts were made by any of the audio companies who are copyright owners to develop this wonderful Ilaiyaraaja & other famous music composer’s music into 6 channel audio (DTS sound).

Efforts are being taken at Honeybee Music Studio to convert mono & stereo songs into six channel audio (DTS sound) to listen & enjoy the music of our forefathers for youngsters & future generations


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