DTS is a series of multichannel audio technologies owned by DTS, Inc. (formerly known as Digital Theater Systems, Inc.), an American company specializing in digital surround sound formats used for both commercial/theatrical and consumer grade applications. It was known as The Digital Experience until 1995.

In 2008, the cinema division was divested to form DTS Digital Cinema. In 2009 DTS Digital Cinema was purchased by Beaufort International Group Plc. and became known as Datasat Digital Entertainment. Beginning in 2011, the DTS cinema branding has been dropped, in favor of the Datasat Digital Sound branding. The original DTS Inc. company continues to exist developing and licensing DTS products in the home consumer market. Datasat Digital Entertainment has also announced a range of very high-end consumer audio processing products.

In 2012 DTS acquired the business of SRS Labs, including over 1,000 audio patents and trademarks.

DTS Audio CD is an audio compact disc, that contains music is one of the various possible, surround sound configuration. This specification permits discrete channel configuration from 2.0 (L, R) to 5.1 (L, R, C, LFE, LS, RS). Physically, a DTS music disc is in each PCM audio track or 6 individual mono track. This configuration can be connected to external - DTS complaint processor (decoder) via, digital (optical or HDMI) for interface output.

It is very different to split old songs into DTS. Muthusamy sound engineer of Honeybee Music, who enhances evergreen Ilaiyaraaja songs has also done DTS tracks of old Isaignani Ilaiyaraaja songs. First each of the stereo songs has been developed and enhanced for full range frequency. Then again the songs should be re-mastered to 6 channel audio track. The manual enhancing is a painstaking process for a single song. All the channels are separated manually without any software. We create a DTS (6 channel) encoded WAV files at 1,234 Mb/s data rate for standard audio CD.

How DTS works ?

Six digital audio channels in a 5.1 format (i.e. Left, Center, Right, Left Surround, Right Surround and Subwoofer) are recorded onto a CD-ROM.

DTS technical Specifications :

Setting the sound pressure levels should be done for DTS home entertainment systems in manually doing for six channels.

For better recording result for your homes please adjust the Centre and Rear Channels at -3db sound levels.

DTS decoders are present virtually in every major brand of 5.1 channel (or) 7.1 channel surround processors like

and all 3D, Blu-ray players.

For more details on DTS, please visit the below link : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DTS_(sound_system)